Tomsk is a student city, and young people come to study not only from all over Russia, but from all over the world. The student life is bright and unpredictable, and there are times when medical care may be needed. In this case, it is not always easy for a foreign student to immediately understand which hospital to go to. 

SibMed University Hospital provides all types of medical care to foreign citizens and students studying at Tomsk universities. Our doctors are highly qualified specialists, the hospital is equipped with modern expert class equipment.

Get medical help at SibMed Clinics

Admission to SibMed University Clinics is possible under voluntary health insurance (ДМС in Russian or DMS) and on a paid basis. Paid inpatient admission is one of the services that SibMed University Clinics provide. Citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners can receive medical care on a paid basis, you do not need a certificate of insurance for this.

To decide on paid hospitalization, contact our specialists online for free without leaving your home.   

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  • International passport;
  • Voluntary health insurance policy.

The response time from the insurance company is up to 3 days.
Please note that the decision to approve the service is made by your insurance company. 

Hospitalization on an outpatient basis is available under certain referrals.
In order to be admitted to the Surgery Departments patients can undergo diagnostic tests and procedures in the Medical Center "Professor" of SibMed University Clinics.   


"Integrating education, science and clinical practice on daily basis to change human attitude towards healthy well-being"

Hospitalization IN SIBMED UNIVERSITY CLINICS is possible 

on an inpatient basis to:

  • Departments of higher comfort (therapeutic, neurological, gastroenterological, medical checkups);
  • Gynecology Clinic;
  • Children's Clinic;
  • Infection Clinic;
  • Neurology Clinic;
  • Ophthalmology Clinic;
  • Rheumatology Department;
  • Therapeutic Departments;
  • Urology Departments;
  • Surgery Departments;
  • Endocrinology Clinic.   

clinics and departments are ready to accept foreign patients for treatment
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about theSiberian State Medical University

Siberian State Medical University was founded in 1888 as the Faculty of Medicine at Tomsk Imperial University. Since 2017, SibMed has had the status of the only medical flagship university in Russia. The winner of the program "Priority 2030" aimed at forming more than 100 progressive modern universities in Russiaby 2030 - centers of scientific and technological and socio-economic development of the country.

SibMed today is the largest medical university of the country with its own history and traditions. The university is among the top 3 medical universities in the country according to the 2021 National Ranking of Universities. SibMed occupies the 4th place among medical universities of the Russian Federation according to the International THE University Impact Rankings.

Currently we teach 7,000 students, more than 1,500 of whom are international students. We are really proud that this year we are in the group of +100 in Good health & Wellbeing of the THE (Times Higher Education) rankings. One more important thing you should know about our University is that this year we have received an international accreditation of the Universities – SibMed’s medical education has been recognized worldwide. And last but not least, we have our own University Clinics.

The Clinics annually provide medical care to more than 100,000 patients from the Tomsk region and other regions. Our students also have practice in the University Clinics. Moreover, our staff are not only teachers, they are practising doctors who work at different hospitals. Thus, studying at SibMed, you have an opportunity to work with true professionals.

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